Michele Mouton

The 1980’s were a different time. People wore tiny shorts, drank beer encased in neon colored foam insulators, idolized hairy men in tights and racing was still extremely dangerous compared to today’s standards.  At this point, racing manufacturers were starting to achieve record breaking numbers in engine development. Formula One cars were beginning to slam 1000 horsepower onto the pavement, top fuel dragsters started peaking out their insane 7000hp+ engines and Group B rally cars were driving through cramped, narrow streets while trying to plant over 600hp onto the ground. Epic times, indeed.

One star to arise from this era was Michele Mouton.  A French rally car diver, she went on to become the most successful woman World Rally Championship history. Loved and respected by her peers, her fame would grow during her years in Group B rally. She is the first, and so far only, woman to ever win a WRC round in 1981.


She would then continue to race until retiring in 1986 after the increasingly fatal Group B class rally cars were banned. One laurel in her career which is highly noteworthy, she broke the Pike’s Peak hill climb record in 1985 using her Group B Audi Quattro. Not an easy feat to overcome.


It took a massive amount of skill and fearlessness to drive a Group B car, let alone race one on the edge. This is widely considered one of the most dangerous forms of motorsport, and she competed during its most dangerous era with grace.

Here she is recently driving a Porsche rally car while giving an interview- sideways.

Danica, eat your heart out.

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