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C’est la vie, mon amie

clunkersyard2The Cash for Clunkers program has sparked heated debate due to the fate of doomed clunkers. Every single car, even if they are still very roadworthy, have Sodium Silicate poured into their oil tanks and are revved to be damaged beyond repair. The engine seizes after a few minutes and the car is then marked to be crushed for scrap metal.

I have heard many different ways to dispose of these “clunkers”, which even include Mid 80s corvettes as seen below, but one thing that strikes me the most is charitable contributions. The program was designed to reduce carbon emissions in a heated alarmist debate which seems to have taken hold of American politicians. Because of this, the cars have to be immobilized and crushed so they can do ‘no more harm’.

Pure bullshit. These cars can still benefit mankind by either giving them away to charitable organizations to be parted out or sold/given to people who cant readily afford cars, or simply sold to junk yards so they can still serve a purpose. But politicians and green-a-phoebe activists would hate to see these old relics still clunking around. Kind of like the old relic shown below.

Have we shifted from being consumerist people whom simply consume and dispose, to the point where it has reached the common disposal of cars?!

Although the environmental debate is very charged and will continue on despite what happens with the clunker program, what is happening to these vehicles is despicable and congress voted for it. Gear-Heads need to come out of the woodwork and speak out against this program.

Continued in-depth discussion on the gear-heads forum.

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